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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mom/Zac Post

Since there is a lot going on these days I asked Zac if he minded me making a post on his behalf. Always happy to get out of work, he happily agreed. You all probably don't believe me, do you? You think that Zac is this super teen who always does what he is supposed to? Just joking...but it is a big team effort to get him where he needs to be with the supplies and equipment he needs etc. Laurence and Zac are trying to determine what issues there may be with the engine. They are going through systems on the phone making certain that Zac has everything in place for the rest of this leg. They are planning what jobs/repairs need to be done in Darwin. I am coordinating with people in Darwin regarding customs, immigration, marinas, boatyards, hotels etc. I have been quizzing Zac on his route through the Torres Strait. Somehow I feel better if I know it also...doesn't really make sense. Zac is in communication with routers, meteorologists, authors and people who have just done it before.
Please know that we get a lot of emails everyday. I forward all of the fan mail to Zac on the boat. He cannot receive photos of any kind or attachments. Email size can be no more than 10kb. There are sometimes many days that go by and he hasn't picked up his mail for various reasons. He definitely doesn't have time to answer very many. He really enjoys getting them so please feel free to send but don't be too dissappointed if you don't hear back from him right away.

Note from Zac:
I had another really good night. No ships and no squalls. It is still hard to sleep deeply because I am afraid I might sleep through an alarm. I am running low on rain water so am hoping for another squall to refill them. I have made a slight course change on to my next waypoint and now I am running with it more which is more comfortable. I am studying my cruising guides and preeping for my run through the Strait. I have entered a bunch of waypoints into my GPS so I can track my route from anywhere on the boat. I am feeling pretty confident that with all the planning and preparation I will be fine.

PS: From Rory's blog comment questions:

Q: What's the ocean smell like?
A: I don't really smell anything. Some people say that your sense of smell is improved but I have not noticed that - yet.
Q: Do U smell diesel fuel or only when the engines are running?
A: Only when the engines are running.
Q: Do U run your engine daily to recharge the batteries?
A: No, I have only run my engine to recharge my batteries a few times. Many LSAT prep course reviews can be found here. With all of the wind I have been having, I have more than enough generated by my wind generator and solar panels.
Q: Many kid's think that once the sun sets it's all storms, lightning, and nasty seas. Please clarify.
A: (laughing) Sometimes it is but it varies everyday.
Q: Is it warm enough for a salt water shower?
A: Probably but I haven't had one. I have had showers and washed my hair in a rain storm from a squall a few times.
Q: Is the chair at the tiller comfortable to sit in for long spells?
A: It isn't really a chair but it is comfortable.
Q: How much water U have for food/drink.
A: Lots
Q: Do U talk to yourself?
A: No
Q: Do U have good sound system? Tunes cranked?
A: I have an excellent sound system. I have played the same CD over 100 times because my ipods are dead.
Q: If U could have one piece of equipment on board that U don't have currently have, what would it be?
A: A new ipod!

PPS: If you didn't know that there are comments at the end of each blog, you are missing out on some great fun!
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